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Top 20 50 Inch TV Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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Our coverage of the top Cyber Monday TV bargains begins now that Black Friday sales have ended. Television discounts are available all through the year, but Black Friday typically features the deepest price cuts and most alluring sales. However, you need act quickly because the best prices are selling out.

Even though the official Black Friday TV deals event has come and gone, there are still hundreds of TVs on sale, meaning that you can still find a wide selection of 4K, QLED, and OLED screens at historically low rates.

We’ve scoured all the bargains going on right now to bring you the greatest Black Friday TV deals that are still active at your favourite stores including Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Our Cyber Monday TV deals live blog is updated with the freshest and best discounts as they become available, and this guide lists all of the TVs we currently have on sale.

Where can I get some of the top Black Friday television deals that are still available today? Best Buy has smart TVs starting at $99.99(opens in new tab) if you’re searching for a cheap set, and this 55-inch Samsung TV is discounted by $250(opens in new tab) if you’re looking for something in the middle of the price range (opens in new tab). However, below you’ll find information about all the other promotions that are now active.

The LG 48-inch OLED TV, currently on sale for $896, is one of the finest TV discounts so far this Black Friday. This is the world’s least priced OLED, shattering all previous records. (A $100 Amazon gift card is included). Additionally, 50-inch 4K TVs can be purchased for as little as $199, and smart TVs can be purchased for as little as $99.

In the coming hours of Black Friday, we anticipate seeing even more unbelievable bargains that will bring the price of televisions to new record lows. If you’re looking for the finest Black Friday TV deals, then Tom’s Guide is where you want to be. The best current sales are briefly summarised below.

Keep in mind that Black Friday TV bargains are winding down; for the most up-to-date information, visit our Cyber Monday TV deals hub.

What to look for in 2022’s Black Friday television sales

As we mentioned before, there are great TV discounts throughout the year. Black Friday television sales typically set new records for lowest prices every year, and 2022 is expected to be no exception.

In terms of 55-inch 4K TVs, last year Best Buy had some of the most competitive Black Friday TV offers available. The store will probably still be the largest in 2022, but Walmart and Amazon will be hot on its heels.

50 Inch TV Black Friday 2022

50 Inch TV Black Friday

Twice last year, Best Buy had massive deals. Besides the aforementioned OLED TV sale, the store also offered a TCL 55-inch 4K TV for only $199. It was unprecedented at the time, and it remains unmatched in all of 2022. In 2022, we anticipate Best Buy to bring back this promotion, most likely on a newer model. A 55-inch 4K TV may go for as little as $179, though it won’t be a new model.

An Onn 50-inch Roku 4K TV, for instance, was on sale for $128 at Walmart. Off-brand and exclusive to Walmart, Onn is a family of televisions with a variety of features. (Much like Best Buy’s “house brand,” Insignia).

When it comes to OLED televisions, I anticipate that Vizio’s 55-inch 4K OLED will be available for $899 once again this year, making it one of the best values in the premium TV market. Inexpensive OLEDs from LG could go as high as $999, although a 55-inch OLED TV will still cost at least $899. Because of the popularity of their OLED TV sales in 2022, we anticipate that Best Buy will once again provide the most competitive prices in 2022.

The Sony A9S Master Series 48-Inch Television

Sony’s 48-inch Master Series A9S Android TV is a beautiful OLED that manages to be surprisingly tiny. This 2020 model packs excellent picture quality into a size that’s ideal for smaller rooms and gaming setups, and it still delivers lots of smarts, with Google Assistant and Chromecast integrated in.


How much should you pay for a 50 inch TV?

Most 50-inch TVs will set you back approximately $300, however models with extra bells and whistles or from more well-known brands can cost $500 or more.

Is a 55 inch TV too big for a small room?

Crutchfield suggests sitting at a distance of 1–1.5 times the diagonal screen size for 4K TVs and 1.5–2.5 times the screen size for 1080p displays. If that’s the case, then my 55-inch TV would have been just right at any screen size between 55 and 82 inches, which is to say, a little bit tiny for my room.

Should I wait until Black Friday for a TV?

Put off the decision until November if you can. When prices for televisions are at their lowest. Prime Day 2022 is the greatest bet, but if you need one immediately, don’t wait till then. A dollar saved is a dollar gained, even if the discounts aren’t as great as they were on Black Friday 2022 if past performance is any guide.

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